Free trial

Why choose karate?

  • Learn self-defence
  • Improve physical condition
  • Improve confidence & self esteem
  • Improve concentration & focus
  • Build new friendships
  • Develop inner peace

Karate is good for both body and mind. You’ll develop your muscles, your coordination and balance will improve – you will get fit. Karate is built on respect for others and discipline; it will help you focusing and build your self esteem.

This could be the perfect thing for you and your child. So why not check it out yourself & join in a free class?

There are no contracts to sign and your first class is free with no obligation to join or sign up for other classes.

karate-giWe offer family rates and a start up pack with a karate gi, insurance and membership for $100

It’s perfect for men, women and kids

We have men & women starting in their late 40’is

We have students from 5 years to 82 years 

How to Join a Free Class

Newcastle area: Call Sensei Neil Smith at 0408 305 946

Or just meet up 10 minutes before a class to have a chat, join in the class or just to watch a class